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Products must look their best it’s obvious. You can’t help but judge a company or its product by what you see in a brochure or online, that’s just how it is, even if it’s subconscious. You see a bad photo image or a bad video then you assume the product is bad or worse, and quite commonly, that the company is bad.

In this 21st century we all expect everything faster and better, quality is right out there but a quality image can make even suspect products look good. Do not do this one on the cheap, it will cheapen your product, brand and company. Let Giant Leap Help.


Golfstream A brand new and innovative golf trolley, we created this promotions for the company both in our studio and on location.
Winggle bikes Balun C1 overview shot in our studio.
QVIS A global security company specialising in CCTV security protection
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Time to Film?

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