Marketing is all about communicating your value. Tapping into commercial corporate photography is an excellent opportunity to create visual messages for your business that can help you to stand out whether it’s showcasing your latest product, capturing the atmosphere of an event or corporate headshots for your team, Giant Leap Video has an in-house studio and decades of experience.

Why Photography?

Did you know more than 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day? That’s not including the graphics, charts, illustrations, doodles and various other types of images that are posted to Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram to name but a few. The more snap-happy we become, the pictures are out there in the digital universe so how can you make sure yours stand out?

Embrace images as a form of branded art.

Professional photography and video captures the heart and mind of your buyers – people often make buying decisions based on instinct so give them the tools to understand the emotional value of your brand or business.

For many, marketing means blogging or some form of text yet everyone knows a photo speaks a thousand words. Photography and other visual images like infographics should be staples of your marketing campaigns.

Get a Return on Investment

Using a professional photographer means you get a bank of images that you can use throughout your marketing collateral – website, emails, newsletters, adverts, brochures, annual reports, editorials and PR. Capture your audience’s attention, entice engagement and boost click-throughs and conversions in a cost-effective way.


Time to Film?

Time to Film?

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