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Your business must deliver a good first impression. You will be judged by what people see, an old fashioned business vs a company that’s switched on in the digital space and creating a great brand identity. If you see a bad photo or video, then you might assume the product is bad, and subsequently that the company is as well.

In this 21st century we all expect everything faster, better, and often cheaper. Although it is tempting to take more cost-effective options with your production, ultimately it will cheapen your brand and company.

Let Giant Leap help you to deliver a crisp, well produced company film that says everything you want to say about your business, creating the ultimate first impression for your website visitors. Take a look at some of our examples below, and talk to the team to find out more about how we can make it happen.


Golfstream Showcasing the revolutionary Vision caddy and its features.
2Teck Promoting the overall company and its facilities with a professional presenter
SeaTalk Systems A guide through the company facilities and workflow process
DCR Facilities Tour Promoting the overall company and its facilities.
J Williams and Co Web series with helpful accountancy advice.
Lanson Consultants An introduction to the company.
Portable Centres Promoting the UK manufacture of portable workshops.
Recenseo A marketing company that moved from the chaos of London to the countryside to offer a more relaxed approach
Cotswold Water Softeners Promotional lifestyle video for website visitors
Targa Florio Cars Short film to promote the Targa showroom and luxury cars
Time to Film?

Time to Film?

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