Using A Green Screen For Marketing

Green screen is a great concept for marketers since they can create a new environment and protagonist with it.  If you don't know what green screen is, let us walk you through it!

Imagine that the room where you are right now is turned into a computer monitor. So, everything in here will turn into pixels, including your clothes. In order to remove the colour of these pixels from the final image, we need to replace them by another colour that would not be present in the original picture. So far, so good?

Now imagine a wall painted with a bright green colour behind an actor standing in front of it. This wall will serve as the background for our video and will replace whatever was there before, sort of like a stencil.

Green screen technology is used in the video and film industry by broadcasters and producers to remove backgrounds and put actors into different environments (desert, outer space, etc.), or to create additional things that were not there before (like dragons or spaceships).

With a green screen as your weapon for marketing success, you can create an infinite number of scenarios based on real events or fiction. You can give life to all kinds of characters without having to wait for CGI experts. Your imagination will be your only limit! So here are some tips and tricks:

Keep It Real

Don't expect to create a masterpiece on day one. You will need some time and practice before you can turn your client into a superhero or an animal.

Invest In Good Equipment

By this I don't mean that you should go buy yourself a new mac and monitor with the latest intel processor (although it wouldn't hurt).  I'm talking about good quality lighting, camera, backdrop, tripod... These are investments for your video content marketing.

Work With Professionals

Although green screen technology has been around for quite some time now, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to doing it right. There is a lot of trial and error behind every successful green screen video, and even more when it comes to the post-production stage. So you might need a professional to help you with your videos.


Don't hesitate to try different things with this technique in order to get the best results.  Don't be afraid of failing or making mistakes either! There is no such thing as a perfect final product when it comes to creativity, so embrace imperfection and give yourself room for trial and error.     

The key to great green screen work is preparation and careful execution. So, follow these green screen tips, practice, and have fun with it!

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