Cheers to a successful studio launch - The Giant Leap Studio

If you didn’t already know, where have you been? Our studio launched on Friday 8th April and we couldn’t be prouder of the space we have created. Throughout the process, we kept content creation in mind and are truly thrilled with the studio and all it has to offer. Kitted out with a floor-to-ceiling green screen, live streaming capabilities, equipment, professional lighting, and soundproofing. You name it, we have thought of it.

To mark the success of our studio launch, not only will we give you some ideas on how to use this space to get the most out of it, but we will also be offering FREE** studio bookings throughout the month of May. That’s right, FREE** studio space in May. So if you have a list as long as your arm of video content ideas and need somewhere to film, get in touch now! Also, stick around a little longer and see how you can make the most of the space we have available.

** To qualify for free studio space there is a minimum spend of £500 when filming with Giant Leap

So how do you make the most out of the Giant Leap Studio?

Firstly make sure you have enough time! There would be nothing worse than coming in fired up and finding out at the end you over-committed the timing your project needs. The best way to avoid this is to plan out the required scenes you need to film. You can simply write a list, and then add annotations next to it with either props you will need for that shot, how the camera is going to pan in or out. Make sure you know what you need to film before you get in the studio.

Speak to our team

Something as simple as speaking to our team can really help you decide what you need for your video. Their expertise can help guide you from the beginning of your idea to booking the right amount of time you need. We are always happy to pick up the phone and answer any questions you have.

Do your research!

It might not sound fun, but researching the type of video content you want to film can help you assess if it is possible to film. Movies and TV shows, even TikToks aren’t always filmed in a studio and there are reasons for that. Sometimes nothing quite beats getting on a location and filming in the environment that suits your video. Focus on the quality of the content you are producing first and the rest falls into place beside it.

Get creative with the greenscreen

The digital world is moving at a supersonic pace. Augmented reality is soon going to be part of our everyday life. A greenscreen isn’t something people always have access to or want to invest in, so make the most out of our space and put it to good use. People are using greenscreens to enhance their videos, read our blog for some tips and tricks on using a greenscreen. Ultimately, you could add that edge by making the most of our greenscreen.

Overall the only way to really get the best out of video is going to be in the planning. Ensure you have all the items you need and more, as well as speaking with our team of experts. Book your free studio space now by contacting us.

See you in the studio!