Video Post-Production

Putting the story together

There are three stages to film-making: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.

Many filmmakers are in a perpetual pre-production stage. Real pre-production is when you’re spending time & money on script development, casting, scouting and securing additional filming crew if required.

The second stage, production, is after your deposit is paid. Now the Giant Leap Video Team assemble to spend time shooting to create your video.

During production everything happens at once. The actors, lights, camera, props, schedule, film stock, egos, temper tantrums, and all the rest. Somehow we get that Martini Shot and your film is in the can.

Then the magic happens – Post-Production.

Post-production is when recorded material is shaped, polished, packaged & comes to life. Understanding its demands and how it works is a must for anyone in the video-making industry. Here’s the simple step-by-step process Giant Leap Video Team follow to take your video from good to great and from great to EPIC.

Video Editing 101: The Basics

Organising your material – It all starts with the rushes – the raw material that you bring back from your shoot. What should you do with it?

Step 1 : The Ingest – The Giant Leap Video team put a copy of the rushes into the editing packages we use, this is called the ingest. Different editors use different approaches for ingesting your video but organising your clips into folders or bins in video edit speak can help find the right shots before you start editing.

Step 2: Sync Pull – pulling out the audio clips that tell your story and gradually building this up to create a final narrative. A guide voiceover can be used to bridge any gaps and tie everything together. Once that’s completed your Giant Leap Video team are now ready for …

Video Editing 102: The Rough Cut

Once you’ve got an idea of the clips you’d like and the narrative structure of your video, it’s time to start assembling your video. This cut is called the rough cut or rough assembly, where you can start to weave in more complex elements such as music and cutaway shots to illustrate your story, which will bring the whole piece together.

It’s important to vary the pace and style of the cut throughout to keep the viewers’ interest, using music or a change of shot to make it engaging.

The final step in finishing an edit is to show it to our client via a private channel on Vimeo, to check your video communicates the message and call to action you wanted. At this point the Giant Team Video will re-cut and re-edit possibly several times, to get things right.You get two options to edit as standard.

From here, the Giant Leap Video Team move to add the final polish…

Video Editing 103: The Final Flourish / The Online

Once all the editing and storytelling is finished, the programme is locked to time and no editorial changes will be made to the story or script. It’s time for the final finish – also known as ‘the online’ in video broadcast terms.

This process includes the picture grade, adding captions and graphics and the audio mix, including recording the voiceover. Each is a specialised job, but on quick turnaround jobs our video editors may be tasked with doing them all.

The Giant Leap Video team balance the audio and final voiceover, colour correct each shot to improve the final look, and do any final correction work.  If there is time and budget, we also look to add creative effects like colour casts to give the mood that your film requires.

To complete your film, we add any graphics, captions and credits, before exporting to the specific delivery requirements of the broadcaster or private vimeo platform.